Air barriers
18,2 ÷ 98,0 kW
Air flow 2.200 ÷ 7.680 m3/h


• Large energy saving
• 230Vac mono-phase electric motor, 3-speed
• Wide range of models, versions, accessories, solutions:
    - BA-A: only air versions
    - BA-E: electrical heater versions (230Vac and 400Vac)
    - ATR-BAR: water coil versions
• The adjustable bracket (included with the standard unit) allows different orientation to suit
  the different doors characteristics
• With multiple air-barrier installation, any different door length can be covered
• Heat losses are highly reduced due to door openings
• The air from the upper side of the room (already warm) is used, and blown downward
• It avoids heat losses and energy wastes, avoiding sudden thermal changes
  affecting people health


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