Floor standing air heaters
34 ÷ 1.400 kW
Air flow 2.000 ÷ 80.000 m3/h


These units are real independent Air handling units with Energy Module in direct thermal exchange that allows reduced installation and operating costs (at present this is the most convenient heating system for big sites). They are not proposed as complete units, but rather in separate compatible sections: combining the different sections the unit can be freely configured according to customer specifications, with unlimited number of combinations with the typical flexibility of the air-handling units. Finally, we propose some pre-configured complete units of most common use, consisting of a predefined combination of sections.
• Available “D…” motorization with 230Vac mono-phase motor directly coupled with the fan
  (both 6-pole and 4-pole). Available “L…” motorization (Low static pressure),
  “M…” motorization (Medium static pressure) and “H…” motorization (High static pressure),
  with 400Vac three-phase motor + belt/pulley transmission
• Instant full operation: no thermal inertia
• High efficiency (up to 92,2%, but condensation working field solutions are also available,
  with efficiency > 100%)
• Fast installation: just provide the electrical and gas/oil connection


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